Tropical Agricultural Consulting, Inc. (TAC) helps clients develop or improve agricultural projects in tropical locations using a “farm-to-market approach”. The ability to examine the end-to-end supply chain of a tropical agricultural project differentiates TAC from similar agricultural consulting organizations. For example, growing a product with good quality and productivity still may not meet the client’s objectives if the shipping program is risky or there is a limited market for the product.

Plan • Produce • Harvest • Process • Transport • Market

Clients often have several objectives in addition to maintaining a profitable ongoing operation. For example, those objectives may include:


• Filling the market demand for a product from a location that can offer a significant advantage over current sources;


• Identifying the best agricultural uses for a particular piece of land; and


• Optimizing an existing operation that is not meeting expectations and needs improvement.


The creation of local jobs and sustainability are also requirements for many clients. So whatever your organization’s particular needs, we focus on your specific goals and objectives.


TAC consultants provide assistance ranging from optimizing the production phase (i.e., planning the development of the farms, identifying the most advantageous logistic options in the market, and developing a process for post-discharge activities prior to the delivery of the product to the customer) to identifying the best market for a given product.  TAC not only helps clients identify and implement the best options for new or existing agricultural projects, but also develops contingency plans to mitigate potential project risks.


Our independent consultants and experts collectively have hundreds of years of global experience and expertise delivering exceptional project results through specialized know-how and team-building skills substantiated by past performances.


Clients have included private companies, corporations, and governments from around the globe. TAC members have participated in essential international projects that have helped transform local economies by planting thousands of hectares of crops, using sustainable methods with the most applicable technology, and exporting thousands of tons of produce to global markets.